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Deckee subsidiary Boata acquired by Flotespace

Around April 2018, Deckee (a startup that I co-founded) started the subsidiary Boata with the goal of streamlining and improving the efficiency of the charter boat market.

As with any business trying to penetrate an existing market, we faced a number of good challenges from incumbents, even if our tech was helping them in the long run. This market continues to be very set in its ways and resistive to the introduction of new technology, and while we’ve managed to make headway in many areas, there are still many opportunities available.

I’m extremely proud of what the Boata team managed to achieve in the past 18 months and this acquisition is a testament to all the hard work Boata and the Deckee Group have put into this business! I had the pleasure of overseeing all technical aspects of Boata and bringing it to fruition and am glad to share in this result.

Flotespace is doing amazing things in this market as well and I’m looking very much forward to seeing where things end up for both companies.

Read more in the following article from the Newcastle Herald. An archived version of Boata can also be found here (obviously doesn’t work well as it’s a backup but gives an idea for the previous product).

Boata appeared in my portfolio video from early 2019 too which you can also see below.

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