About me

Hi, I’m Ian and I’m a full stack software engineer raising a young family in the San Francisco Bay area.

Bar Beach in Newcastle
Newcastle, some of the best beaches in the world [photo credits]

Originally from the beautiful beach-side town of Newcastle Australia, I immigrated to the US in 2017 after being selected in the diversity visa lottery.

I work as a high-caliber software development consultant for clients around the Bay Area, while also holding the position of CTO for the Australian (and soon to be global) Deckee Group which keeps me very busy and always on the move.

I’m a life long learner and am not happy unless I’m being challenged and learning something. I have previously completed both my MBA and a Masters in Information Technology, my Undergraduate degree was in Business, I have a Diploma in Project Management, and I’m currently studying part-time to complete my Masters in Data Science. Postgraduate study is an extremely expensive but highly rewarding activity to be continually taking part in…

Me with my little son Jack
My son Jack and I when he was only 2 months old.

I love travelling, and while the current count for countries I’ve visited is only a touch over 25, I’m hoping that the family can get into it a bunch once the kids get a little older.

Before then, I’m also a massive fan of road trips. I’ve driven the East Coast of Australia a number of times, from the Daintree (and TI by plane) to Wilson’s Prom and almost everything in between. The West Coast of the US is something else entirely though. The geography of California alone sometimes feels like it offers more than the entire Australian continent! Still plenty more exploring of the other American states to do as well; current count is only sixteen + DC so plenty more to discover!

In a past iteration of myself I was also very much in to music, playing in a number of rock bands, brass bands, playing solo gigs, touring and way too many late nights. That part of my life is now behind me, but just watch out if you ever come within the vicinity of a karaoke bar with me and a few of my mates. Things happen…