Topic: Grafana

An (almost) fully automated exporting of HealthKit data

Obtaining your own personal HealthKit data in a automated fashion from Apple is a difficult challenge with very little options. This post details how I built a 'single click' system to update an external database with my own HealthKit data.


Tracking real time household power usage in Grafana

There are a number of products available on the market allowing you to track your power usage, but it turns out that it might be a lot cheaper and easier than you think to get real time data.


Building a household metrics dashboard

In todays world of distractions and attention seeking algorithms, like many people, I find it hard to keep on top of the information that really matters such as finances, consumption, and many other metrics that are hard to keep track of. To curb this, I've started to build my own Grafana project, allowing for the information that matters to be displayed prominently in our house. I hope that having this information being displayed without the need for me to remember to 'check in' on metrics will help everyone in the household be more mindful of important metrics.