Anonymous Feedback

I’m always open to receiving feedback, be it positive, negative or damning. None of us are perfect, especially me, we all have blind spots where others can plainly see, and sometimes we need to be told something but no-one wants to be the messenger.

For this reason, and in the spirit of continual personal improvement, I’ve set up this anonymous form to allow you to let me in on anything, for example:

  • You feel my approach as a leader or team member could improve in some way
  • I need to check my attitude or behavior in regards to something
  • You think I did a good job with something
  • Something I wrote not grammatically correct
  • I need to improve the quality of my work
  • The noise I make when typing annoys you to no end
  • You can’t understand my accent and need me to pronounce things clearer
  • You have a funny joke you want to share
  • You just want to vent and let me have it!

I’m happy to take anything on board you want me to know, be it social, professional or otherwise. I welcome it and will keep it just between you and I, anonymous person.

And yes, I can not track who you are. This is a third party service which I don’t have control over so the only way I can know who you are is if you tell me. Happy for you to test this if you like as well.

Happy typing!

Please also refrain from sharing any information of a sensitive or personal manner here. If you need to communicate such information, please responsibly disclose this via my GPG key.